Hi, we’re The Under Chiefs.

Many know us as Chris and Ericka. You could usually find us serving up the goods at a pop-up, or at a local park with our two toddlers and newborn! We generally are easy to find, easy to communicate with and love a good foodie conversation. How did two introverts become The Under Chiefs?

By definition, an Under Chief translates to the position known as sous chef in the culinary world…literally meaning “under the chief”…The chief being an executive chef. To be an executive chef, you must have years if not a full decade or more of experience in a commercial kitchen, and have basically expert skills. A sous chef takes years to earn his/her/their title, however the expert skills that they may be equipped with are overlooked and often left under a glass ceiling. In our combined history working in all types of commercial kitchen settings, we have years of experience and capabilities, yet we never were able to reach our rightful position. We plateaued as sous chefs and adopted that title in order to highlight what we can do, despite what an incredibly commercial industry claims. The Under Chiefs are basically executive chefs without the title, and our consumers are able to experience the aptitude that a sous chef can bring!

We offer a wide range of catering options, personalized menus, meal-prep subscriptions and so much more. Booking events with us allows you to focus more on what truly matters like spending time with your loved ones, friends and associates. We take care of the food, and amuse-bouche!

Together, we have accomplished so much as a family and aim to continue bringing quality meals to your events, private gettogethers and pop-ups!